Canada's Best Air Purifier

Canada's Best Air Purifier

9 stage purification process.

FREE Shipping anywhere in Canada!

FREE Shipping Anywhere in Canada

Wildfire Smoke

Wildfire smoke can cause some of the most dangerous air quality. Small combustion particles, organic compounds, metals, dust, pollen and mold which are roughly 30 times smaller than a piece of hair can lodge deep into your lungs. So it's not just the short term affects on your body but long term affects can cause a risk of cancer..

Respiratory issues, allergies, or asthma

People with asthma or other Breathing problems may notice some reduction in symptoms, like wheezing and coughing, when using an air purifier with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter designed to catch 99.7% of particles larger than 0.3 micrometers.

You also have pets?

Even dogs that don't shed will release skin and dander into the air -- and animals collect pollen and dust in their coats. You may not be allergic to your pets specifically, but that doesn't mean their fur won't cause problems.

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